The VMPC Project by Bartosz Zoltak includes:

Research on the VMPC one-way function and the great mathematical problem "is P=NP?". VMPC Encryption Technology

Data encryption application VMPCrypt

Permutu game based on the VMPC function

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Permutu is an abstract strategy game for two persons (the same category as the chess). You can also play Permutu alone or in 3,4 or more persons.

The winner is the one who collects the blocks in a smarter way and corrupts the opponent's strategy of collecting blocks more.

I designed the Permutu game as a side effect of the research I have been conduction on the VMPC one-way function since 1998.

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FSE 2004
Publication at International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) conference FSE 2004

Konferencje Enigma
Publications at National Cryptography Applications Conference Enigma 2004, 2005, Warsaw, Poland

Award from Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer at Wroclaw University of Technology

Software Developer's Journal
Recommended Project by computer magazine Software Developer's Journal

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