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  VMPCrypt Shareware


Download free VMPCrypt

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Download VMPCrypt 5

VMPCrypt 5 is now completely free (freeware)
for any purposes (private or commercial)

VMPCrypt works under Microsoft Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP operating systems.

Installing VMPCrypt is absolutely safe!
Antivirus software may however show warnings because they don't know this file.

Standard installable version.
Creates desktop shortcuts and file associations for easy opening of encrypted files with a double-click.

Portable version. Does not require installation. You can download it and run or
copy it on a pen-drive or a CD and run on any computer.

By downloading the portable version you get exactly the same application as in the installable version. The only difference is wrapping the application in the installator.

VMPCrypt is completely free.

If you would like to support the work I devoted into creating it and into creating the VMPC Encryption Technology it employs, you can register your copy of the application. You choose for what amount of money you want to register. It can be as well $1 as $1000. Each registration is accepted.

You can also use the free version without any compromises. The free version is a fully functional application which is technically no different from the registered one.

It is only your choice whether you prefer to use the free or the registered copy. By registering you help me further develop VMPCrypt and conduct the research on the project "VMPC One-Way Function - is P=NP?". I investigate there the great secret of mathematics, the "P vs NP" problem. You can find out more about the project at

Thank you! Bartosz Zoltak, author of VMPCrypt.

FSE 2004
Publication at International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) conference FSE 2004

Konferencje Enigma
Publications at National Cryptography Applications Conference Enigma 2004, 2005, Warsaw, Poland

Award from Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer at Wroclaw University of Technology

Software Developer's Journal
Recommended Project by computer magazine Software Developer's Journal

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