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VMPC Encryption Technology

VMPC is an independent algorithm designed by Bartosz Zoltak, is derived from scientific research and is not supported by any government agency or corporation. The today's standard AES algorithm is supported by the National Security Agency, USA

The answer to the question which algorithm it to trust - the independent one or the one supported by the government agency is up to you.

VMPC is a comprehensive technology. It has an individually designed key management procedure (KSA - Key Scheduling Algorithm) and an individually designed authenticated encryption scheme (MAC Message Authentication Code).

The AES algorithm on the contrary does not have an individually designed key management procedure and it does not have an individually designed authenticated encryption scheme are required. In each implementation of AES different algorithms can be used for this purpose)

Using wrong algorithms can lead to a drastic loss of security. For example still many applications use the AES algorithm in the ECB mode. This is a very serious mistake causing great threat to the encrypted data. Such applications should be avoided.

Assessment which technology it is better to use - designed comprehensively or a combination of different algorithms - is also up to you.

The original FSE'04 conference paper about VMPC technology "VMPC One-Way Function and Stream Cipher" can be downloaded here:

vmpc.pdf (171 KB), (289 KB),   vmpc.dvi (55 KB)

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Technical documentation of the VMPC Encryption technology:

VMPC one-way function

The foundation of the VMPC technology. Probably the simplest one-way function known in the world to date.
We are running a research project attempting to prove the function's one-wayness. If successful, it would provide breakthrough results for cryptography and theoretical computer science because it would settle the famous P vs NP problem. Clay Mathematics Institute, USA, founded a million dollar prize for solving it.

VMPC Stream Cipher with Key Scheduling Algorithm

The core of encryption technology employed in the VMPCrypt application. A very efficient and secure stream cipher with a dedicated key scheduling algorithm. Built as an extension of the VMPC one-way function.

VMPC-MAC authenticated encryption scheme

An efficient message authentication algorithm designed exclusively for the VMPC Stream Cipher. Employed in the VMPCrypt application.

VMPC-KSA3 Key Scheduling Algorithm

A unique algorithm allowing to derive an additional layer of cryptographic security from the Key Scheduling Algorithm. Data encrypted using this algorithm remain secure even if the underlying cipher is broken. Employed in the VMPCrypt application.

Research on VMPC algorithms

Current research results on the VMPC algorithms.

Inverting challenge for the VMPC function

A challenge aimed at encouraging scientific communities to investigate the problem of inverting the VMPC function.

FSE 2004
Publication at International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) conference FSE 2004

Konferencje Enigma
Publications at National Cryptography Applications Conference Enigma 2004, 2005, Warsaw, Poland

Award from Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer at Wroclaw University of Technology

Software Developer's Journal
Recommended Project by computer magazine Software Developer's Journal

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